Fabricius: The Documentation#

Fabricius: Python templates renderer

Fabricius is a tool that allows you to render files template & projects template.

Key features of Fabricius:

  • (Will) Ship with its own project templating solution

  • Supports CookieCutter templates

  • Extendable with observers (AKA signals)

  • User-friendly API


The primary requirement of Fabricius is Python. It must be a version equal to or greater to Python 3.10.

You can install Fabricius using pip, the Python’s package manager (It comes bundled with Python). Install Fabricius using the following command:

pip install Fabricius


Typically, Fabricius should be installed globally on your system (As you shouldn’t need it in a specific project, it’s a tool). As such, Windows might tell you to add the --user option, if so, try doing pip install fabricius --user!



Guides are not ready yet!

Fabricius need more time to get ready! While we’re working on the documentation too, Fabricius is not ready! Guides (for now) are here to show you how Fabricius can work and how you should expect things to work out.